Sales Automation

Turn Insights into Action

Having marketing that generates leads is a great start. The next step is for your sales team to convert those leads into customers. You need to give your team visibility over their sales pipeline – and help them quickly and easily identify the most sales-ready leads and the hottest opportunities.

Experiture has built applications for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics that can help your sales team get the type of sales automation they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.

 CRM Integration

Experiture provides best-in-class CRM integrations, with your customers’ and prospects’ activity data synced to or Microsoft Dynamics CRM several times each hour, so that your sales team is acting on the most recent data.

Experiture’s Sales Automation Dashboard includes:

Your sales team should spend less time cherry-picking leads to call — and more time winning business. With the Sales Automation Dashboard from Experiture, your sales team can see first-hand how marketing efforts are contributing to their sales pipeline.

“Hottest Records” screen available from within your CRM, calls out the readiest, most interested leads and most promising opp