Experiture Decentralized Marketing Solutions

Empower your Direct Sales and Other Remote Teams

Give your remote sales teams, franchise operators, and others the power to generate their own leads – and use marketing automation to help nurture those leads through the sales funnel.

Use Experiture’s Advanced Decentralized Marketing Module empowers distributed teams to easily deploy pre-approved marketing that generates prospects and converts more leads-to-sales.

With the Experiture Distributed Marketing module, your marketing department can make approved Omni-Channel marketing programs available for use by field representatives or sales agents. Decentralized sales team members get access to an Experiture-powered interface where they can enroll customers and prospects into various marketing programs directly. Distributed sales teams can also optionally customize messages or incorporate direct mail and other printed collateral.

Features and Benefits:

With Experiture’s decentralized marketing solutions you can:

Allows centralized marketing departments to create and publish omni-channel marketing campaigns that include lead generation, lead nurturing, and more.

Flexible user provisioning and role-based approval architecture

A unique login for distributed sales teams to order, modify and launch pre-approved campaigns to acquire and nurture leads

Get visibility over the performance of marketing campaigns by field office, region, and more