Market to Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are examples of your “best customers”: real buyers who influence or make decisions about the products, services or solutions you market.

Most marketers today — whether they sell to other businesses, or to consumers — have an interest in uncovering buyer personas to help inform the timing, tone, content, and channels for their marketing messaging. What attitudes do your best customers have? What messaging resonates with them? Where do they look for information, so that I may reach them on that channel? With Experiture, you can uncover AND market to your buyer personas.

The Power To Do Both

With Experiture, you get the ability to both uncover buyer personas that help inform overall marketing strategy AND market to these buyer personas across channels with individualized, relevant omnichannel messaging.

With Experiture, You Are Able To…

Use integrated Forms & Surveys to poll your best customers on their goals, attitudes and behaviors

Get a Unified Customer View that aggregates behavior and transactions, as well as other customer data, in a single repository

Use Social Data Aggregation to append information from social graphs about your customers and prospects