A Better Way to Engage your Customers

Marketers are facing a new digital world where customers are increasingly desensitized to the multitude of marketing messages they see every day.

Yet despite the noise, marketers continue to crudely make one-time slices of their entire database and send cookie-cutter messages. To make matters worse, these same marketers have to scramble to measure the ultimate impact of each of these “batch & blast” initiatives.

Experiture Customer Experience Marketing empowers marketers to rise above this vicious “batch & blast” cycle by building automated campaigns at scale that foster continued, personal relationships with customers across the customer lifecycle.

Individualize your marketing with relevant, cross-channel messaging that features personalized content that enhances customer engagement – and maximizes customer lifetime value by boosting response and conversion.

How does it work? By providing a powerful marketing data warehouse that accumulates individual behaviors and uses them to create and automate relevant conversations, at scale, that build and grow relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

Why Customer Lifecycle Marketing Matters

All customers — prospective buyers, one-time shoppers, loyal customers, or even latent or lost customers – can all feel engaged in a conversation that promote sustained, emotional connections to your messaging.

Key Features:

Have Conversations with each Customer, at Scale

Experiture’s Customer Experience Automation engine lets organizations seamlessly deliver highly relevant streams of variable, responsive messaging that adapts to customer behaviors.

Evolve Beyond One-way Marketing Communications

Experiture’s Customer Experience engine speaks to various dynamic and static customer segments – but it can listen too. Indicate what behaviors your Customer View should listen for, so that you change the conversation when you need to.