Simplify your Omni-Channel Campaign Management

Create multi-step, Omni-Channel campaigns with a simple wave of a mouse — and instantly create streams of cross-channel messaging.

For many organizations, integrated marketing campaigns require multiple platforms, high levels of customization, and intensive technical resources — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Experiture’s powerful Program Designer, you can create and launch complex multi-step programs across channels — without any technical help. Once live, you can adjust your marketing programs on the fly, perform A/B tests, and more. You can also view program-wide analytics — in real-time from a single platform — as well as results of each channel, without any additional work.

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The Experiture Program Designer provides marketers with a drag-and-drop interface to string together complex, automated Omni-Channel programs that incorporate a range of channels.

Experiture’s Omnichannel Program Designer Supports Channels Including:

Direct Mail