Easily Create Triggered and Transactional Messages

Create triggered or transactional messages when your customers perform a predefined action — for example, when a payment is received — and deepen customer engagement.

When you power your transactional email and other messaging using Experiture, you can leverage our enterprise-class tools to create, measure, and optimize your messages — and track interactions with those messages — so that you can maintain a truly unified customer view across your organization.

Setting up a triggered messaging campaign usually requires technical help. Plus, in most systems changes are hard to make once the message is created. And, you are lucky to get any meaningful analytics. Experiture is different.

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Real-Time Triggers Across Channels

With Experiture, you can create programs for triggered messages that “listen” for activity across channels, and respond (in real time) with the right message, at the right moment. You can trigger emails — or any other type of social, mobile, telesales, direct mail, or other response — from any profile field change, interaction or behavior.

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