All of Your Customer Information, All in One Place

With a unified customer view, you get to know all about your customers – so you can get better marketing results.

Experiture helps you get better results by giving you a complete view of each customer’s profile, interactions and behaviors by accumulating a broad range of user information in a single, centralized location.

When you have a single, unified customer view for all of your customer profile, behavioral, and interaction data, you can determine what high-value characteristics a customer may have – and you get the data you need to individualize your future marketing efforts.

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This unified customer view can instantly update with the latest contact information or preferences collected over the course of your customer engagement activities. You can also update your customer information with data from another system. This profile can also be manipulated by a sales or marketing team member within a CRM-like experience.

With Experiture, you can:

Use our powerful marketing data warehouse as a central repository to capture customer data and insights

Combine lead requests, survey feedback and contact information into a mini CRM-like profile for each target, providing a comprehensive resource for sales and marketing teams

Analyze data to gain customer insights or use our Customer View tool to group your customers into meaningful segments for your targeted marketing

Mine public social media data, such as contact information and personal interests and affiliations, and combine it with pre-existing list data to formulate a state-of-the-art target profile