Targeted, Personalized Omni-Channel Messaging

Omni-Channel Personalization enables connected, cross-channel experiences including web, email, mobile, and more – that can boost response and conversion rates from the same audience.

Experiture’s Omni-Channel Personalization allows you to engage customers at a deeper level by presenting personalized online or mobile content, messaging, or offers based on a customer’s profile information, such as their age or location – or by their behaviors and interactions.

Now more than ever, marketers must be ready to interact on whichever channel a customer is using to interact with you. With Experiture, you can be sure to deliver the right message at the right time, and create intelligent customer conversations across channels.

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Personalize Across Channels

Creates meaningful, personalized conversations with dynamic, individualized content and personalized messaging across email, web, social, and mobile – with no special technical skills.

Right Message, Right Time

Right Message, Right Time

Experiture Dynamic Personalization allows you to display variable offers, messagin