Drag-and-Drop Personalization & Rules-Based Dynamic Content

When you use Experiture’s powerful personalization tools, you will watch your response and conversion rates spike upwards… even when marketing to the same audiences.

Experiture’s powerful personalization tools allow you to engage customers at a deeper level by presenting personalized content, messaging, and offers based on profile information, previous interactions, customer behavior, or any other data you may be collecting. With our powerful logic- and rules-based content delivery, you can easily and reliably individualize your communications with variable text, images, and rich media elements that change dynamically based on who is viewing the content.

Drag-and-Drop Personalization

Drag profile fields, survey responses, or any custom field you like onto your emails and web pages to easily add data from customer records directly into your content. Make every customer feel as if you are speaking directly to them, without any programming or IT help.