Get to Know your Best (and your Worst) Prospects

Experiture can help you know who your prospects are – and make your sales process more efficient and effective. With Experiture’s Lead Scoring, you can start to understand which prospects are engaged – and which ones are not.

The Experiture platform can apply Lead Scoring to behaviors such as types and frequency of email opens, visits and so on – helping you identify your most engaged prospects. With Experiture’s lead scoring, you can stop fighting with your data — and help your sales team concentrate their resources on only the most valuable opportunities.

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Qualify Your Prospects

Using these factors to determine Lead Scores, the Experiture platform can help you know who your best and worst prospects are — so your sales team can focus their efforts appropriately.

It’s Marketing-Sales Alignment at its finest!

Lead scoring helps identify which prospects are most sales-ready by increasing and decreasing “Lead Scores” based on profile and behavior information such as: