Measure Online Footprints via Anonymous Visitor Tracking

Stop relying on traditional website analytics that measure overall “page level” traffic patterns…and that don’t tell the whole story when it comes to your marketing effectiveness. Use Experiture’s Online Customer Tracking to get a complete picture of each individual’s “customer online footprint” — and measure performance on the user-level.

Experiture’s Online Customer Tracking monitors each individual customer’s visit and site search activity — creating a database of user-level analytics that lets you track each customer and prospect’s interactions — or, what we call their “online footprint”.

By interpreting this online footprint, you can determine where a customer is in her or his customer journey. You can even begin to figure out what activities are shared by your higher-value customers — allowing you to focus your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

With Experiture, you can accumulate:

Every Landing page or Experiture-enabled web page visited and every link clicked

Profile data such as company, country, zip code and city

Individual activities and interactions