Integrate the Social Channel into your Programs and Create Social Experiences

Social media outlets enable your customers to easily share your message. To maximize reach and engagement — and thereby create social experiences — Experiture lets you integrate social marketing into your marketing strategy. With Experiture Customer Experience Marketing, you can use social marketing to find new customers, turn buyers into loyal customers and turn loyal customers into brand advocates.

Experiture monitors each individual customer’s browsing and search activity — creating a database of “user-level” analytics that lets you track each customer and prospect’s interactions — or, what we call their “online footprint”.

The Social Customer Experience

Experiture’s Social Marketing capabilities extend your marketing reach by allowing customers to easily share your content, messaging and offers across their social media accounts in a natural and seamless way. Experiture’s social marketing includes:

Social aggregation that can pull your brand fans and followers into your Experiture database

Aggregate information from your social graph to learn about fans and followers

Use social data to create customer segments for use in any outbound campaign

Social Share widget with tracking to understand who’s sharing your content