Create Mobile Experiences to Reach Customers On-the-Go

Create mobile experiences for your customers that enable them to engage from virtually any mobile or tablet device

Experiture’s Customer Experience Marketing platform gives you multiple ways to incorporate the mobile channel into your marketing mix. From mobile-optimized responsive email and web pages, to inbound and outbound SMS messaging, to branded mobile apps that display dynamic content and “Push” messaging authored using the Experiture platform — Experiture gives you unprecedented power over your mobile customer engagement.

With Experiture, you also get to adapt and refine messaging as you accumulate marketing results – or leverage customer mobile engagement for future marketing efforts. All of your mobile engagement is made available in Experiture’s Reporting and Analytics, while individual interactions across devices are stored within their individual customer records.

Mobile Experiences with Experiture are enabled by:

Tools to Create Mobile Messaging

Leverage the same powerful WYSIWYG tools available for Landing Pages to create stunning, personalized mobile experiences, including SMS marketing.

Responsive, Cross-device Compatibility