Email Marketing. Evolved.

The prospect of automation is enticing to marketers. Who wouldn’t want to engage with more people, more frequently, and without adding additional resources? However, when marketers try to automate using most email providers, they wake up with some hard truths: Creating automated campaigns require a significant up-front investment of time — and entails technical and/or IT resources.  And after an automated campaign is finally deployed, most organizations can’t afford the time and technical resources to adjust and re-adjust them.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like that.

With Experiture, automated campaigns can be created in mere minutes — and require minimal ongoing involvement from IT.  Marketers can create marketing programs that deliver streams of appropriate messaging that start whenever a new email address is captured — and continue throughout the entire customer lifecycle.  With Experiture, marketers can create their own campaigns, measure what’s working and make adjustments — without any need for engineers, programmers, or other technical personnel.

Experiture puts email marketing automation in the hands of enterprise marketers.