Why Customer Experience Automation is a Must-Have for B2C Organizations

For most B2C businesses, interaction with customers spans multiple departments and functions. For example, customers may first interact with content from a marketing department, but then purchase a product directly from a salesperson. Later, customer care may field a customer inquiry, while finance or operations personnel may send out bills and invoices.

When communication with your customers occurs across the customer lifecycle, it most often originates in different functions and departments maintain their own disparate systems to manage different customer data and communications. In turn, customer data is fragmented across departments and systems. The result is that several different platforms may be responsible for different kinds of customer messages.  If your company is like most B2C companies, this presents a challenge for teams to keep assets and messages consistent and up-to-date — and to know when to send it, and to whom.

In order to manage disparate two-way communications across the entire customer lifecycle – and maintain a “data warehouse” with a unified customer view — you need a single platform capable of centralizing and organizing data, messaging, and assets. Enter Customer Experience Automation.

As a B2C organization, Customer Experience Automation from Experiture can give you unprecedented control over messaging content, management of marketing assets, tracking interactions, and more — enabling different departments within an organization to seamlessly communicate with customers from a single platform.

Here are some examples of departments and functions within a B2C organization that benefit from Customer  Experience Automation from Experiture:

Marketing Teams
Marketing teams use Experiture and its powerful CRM to automate marketing initiatives across the customer lifecycle — including awareness, onboarding, loyalty, referral, reactivation, and other programs. By linking your organization’s data sources with Experiture, you can configure your messaging programs to start and stop based on changes in customer data – for example, sending “onboarding” messages to customers after their first purchase, or sending “reactivation” messaging after users go for 90 days without a purchase.

Customer Care Teams
Customer care or support teams can use Experiture’s integrations with Help Desk, IVR, and other systems to automate follow-up messaging with customers that include follow-up notifications, product information, post-interaction surveys, and more. Using our available data integrations, we can connect with any of your CSR systems – and make your customers get the same consistent, branded communications normally associated with sales & marketing teams.

Finance & Operations
Finance and Operations teams can hook Experiture into their MIS, AIS, or ERP systems to automate messaging with customers.  Within Experiture, they can create payment reminders, notifications of failed payments, follow-up surveys, and more. With the powerful message sequencing and automation in Experiture, you can send relevant, timely messages to  customers to encourage affinity and minimize attrition.

Putting it All Together
With our unprecedented data openness, linking Experiture to your organization’s data sources means that different departments and functions can deliver individualized, automated, highly relevant cross-channel customer experiences across the entire customer life-cycle…using the data about customers that you already have.

In today’s world, customers expect immersive digital experiences. With Experiture, you can deliver those experiences over email, SMS, social media, individualized web pages, and more — with minimal ongoing involvement from IT.

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