Savvy marketers know that you can’t rely on a single channel to market your casino gaming offerings. These days, only a multichannel marketing effort will do, since players have a myriad of ads and promotions competing for their attention. But with so many players involved with your games 24/7/365, full-fledged marketing would be impossible without automating the process.

Experiture’s PURL-based player portals serve as a home base for your individual players. They are ideal for collecting a wide range of information on players so you can reach out to them more effectively, based on real-time analytics.

Read on about using automated multichannel marketing to respond to player lifecycle events and how you can benefit from our platform to engage more with players and improve the flow of revenue in your organization.

A Unified Player View for Enhanced Marketing

Experiture’s Player Engagement Platform integrates with Player Tracking Databases, Casino Reservations and Point of Sales systems, to give properties seamless data connectivity in support of automated marketing efforts.

By connecting with your existing system, you can start accumulating player data that your marketing department can leverage to send out segmented, personalized offers. Integration is easy thanks to our open architecture. More than 250,000 marketing campaigns have been conducted with our platform infrastructure to date, and we welcome the opportunity to add your successful campaigns to that list.

Lifecycle Events

When it comes to player lifecycle events, you have a variety of opportunities to engage with them, and this is now available to you from one, unified platform.
Player lifecycle marketing efforts include:

* New Player Welcome: programs to easily onboard and activate your new club members

* Active Player Welcome: programs that let you leverage such data points as expiring offers and new loyalty tiers

* Fader: programs to connect with players who are about to lose their “active” player status

* Winback/Reactivation: programs that entice players to engage in repeat business after lapsing or becoming inactive

* Birthday Promotion: programs help you encourage players to enjoy your games during their big celebration

Enterprise Grade Email Marketing

Your team can now easily create and deploy personalized email messages that you send on an individual basis or as part of a multistep, multichannel marketing effort. A drag-and-drop user interface makes it a snap to generate emails suitable for all sized screens, from smartphones to desktop computers.

Plus, you can use our suite of on-demand reporting tools to analyze, measure and optimize your email marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.
Fully Integrated SMS Messaging

Experiture’s Player Engagement Platform is complete with fully integrated SMS messaging, so you can reach out to players – particularly mobile-using millennials who rely more on text than other methods.

Mobile App for iOS and Android

For greater player engagement, we’ve developed an app for iOS and Android devices, complete with fully integrated push messaging and analytics.

Our team will provide you with a custom branded app with geofencing capabilities, which enables you to trigger push messages based on GPS information, such as when a player arrives at your property or even when visiting a competitor’s property.

Every custom branded app also features a built-in content management system (or CMS) along with a suite of self-service tools for maximum efficiency. It’s clear that the more data that you collect on individuals’ playing habits, the better your marketing department will be able to engage them with personalized, segmented offers. For more information on how you can boost your bottom line by using automated multichannel marketing to respond to player lifecycle events, please visit the Experiture website or call us at 888-950-0700 today.