Casino hosts are critical to casinos:  They are often the only personal link that the casino has with its premium players.  Hosts help identify valuable players — and drive wagering and other activity — all while developing meaningful, personal relationships with each of the players.  At the same time, hosts are also expected to help retain existing high-value players by continuously engaging them with periodic promotions, credits, and other incentives to return to their properties.

The Problem: Player Development vs. Marketing

To accomplish these tasks, casino hosts have become marketers, in a sense.  As they attract and retain these high-value players, hosts must now be able to coordinate communication with an audience of players that can reach into the thousands.  Moreover, hosts are expected to orchestrate messaging across whichever channel each player uses to communicate.

Unlike today’s marketers, however, casino hosts perform these messaging activities in a manual, labor-intensive way.  They will often accomplish their required player outreach through a tedious set of activities — such as typing out individual SMS and email messages one by one — rather than concentrating on other high-value host-related activities.

With too much time spent on mundane activities, casino hosts squander the opportunity to boost the bottom line.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Solution: Experiture Player Development Modules

With Experiture, your Player Development personnel can use our browser-based Player Development Module to enable casino hosts to reach players with mass communications that appear as 1:1 messages to each recipient.

Using our intuitive wizard-based tools, casino hosts can create approved marketing messages, customize them as needed, and send them to all of their players simultaneously across email, mobile SMS, and more.  This allows your hosts to concentrate on high-value activities — while they effectively message their customers as a group, rather than individually produce each message.

And the result?  Increased engagement.  Ask us about our featured case study to learn how one casino boosted offer redemption by 80%.

Seeing is Believing

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