Connected Customer Engagement for Retail and Ecommerce Marketers

Experiture helps retail and e-commerce marketers enhance their database marketing capabilities and boost marketing effectiveness by creating connected customer experiences that strengthen loyalty and engagement.

With Experiture, retail and ecommerce marketers can use the customer data they have to create connected customer engagement that boosts customer lifetime value – for example, by encouraging ongoing purchases and keeping buyers engaged in between those purchases.

Encourage Repeat Purchases with Omni-Channel Experiences

Experiture can combine customer data from across retail channels – including POS, ERP, eCommerce, and other systems — to drive individualized offers based on behavior, interactions, profile data, and more. One national retail chain, for example, uses Experiture’s technology to present an online response channel for seasonal catalogs – drawing from customer purchase histories and demographic data to present personalized offers and shopping suggestions.

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Experiture for Retail and eCommerce Marketers:How it Works

Simply link your eCommerce, POS, or other systems with Experiture – or let us do it for you. Then, Experiture can be configured using its built-in segmentation and rules-based dynamic content capabilities to present targeted, personalized, ongoing offers and messaging that strengthen loyalty, boosts repeat purchases and more. Throughout, results of your marketing efforts are available in real-time to get insights into the effectiveness of your ongoing marketing programs.

And the best part? Your offers are synchronized and automated. Once set up, Experiture’s customer engagement marketing platform does the rest. With Experiture Retail Marketing Solutions, no human intervention is required.

Ringing Registers with Experiture Retail Marketing Solutions

Experiture’s retail and ecommerce marketing solutions can help power the following types of offers that generate sales in-store and