We get a 88% higher rate of increase for newsletter opens with this one weird trick….seriously.

Rarely, if ever, is there “one weird trick” in marketing. In marketing, success is generally found only at the end of a long road paved by rigorous testing, endless optimization, and long lists of best practices.

While this is generally true, at Experiture, we have stumbled onto one weird trick that routinely allows us to increase newsletter engagement by 88%.  And, as a special consideration to you, dear readers of this blog — we are giving it to you here, now.

In short, our one weird trick to increase newsletter engagement goes something like this: “Re-drop your newsletter to non-responders.”

That’s it. It’s that simple. But just in case we need clarification – here is what we mean:

Boosting Newsletter Engagement with a Re-drop

In Experiture, our simple marketing automation and campaign management tools make it easy to re-send a marketing message to recipients who did not engage with the first message. Internally, we call this second send a “re-drop”. Here’s how it works:

1) Your recipients get a newsletter.

2) Some of the recipients open, and a few even respond, to the newsletter.

3) However, most recipients usually don’t open it. In fact, according to an analysis of 5 million emails from Baydin, an email management service, the average email user gets 147 messages per day — and deletes 71 of them, or 48%.

This is where our one weird trick comes in. Ready? Here it is:

4) Some time later, recipients who did not engage with the first newsletter get the same newsletter, again.

That’s it.  It’s that simple:  Just wait a few days, then re-drop your newsletter to those who did not initially engage.

And why does this work?  Our rationale goes something like this:

Most people delete around half of their emails.

And when people don’t open an email — they mostly do so because the subject line does not appeal to them.  And when they do care to open an email, they will only click on an offer is it is compelling.

So we send non-engaging recipients a follow up message. Those who did not open the original email will get the exact same email – with a different subject line that may compel them to have a look. Those who opened the first email but didn’t engage (i.e. click on anything meaningful) may get a variant of the first email, but with different actionable content or calls-to-action.

When we use this trick here at Experiture, we see open rates lift by as much as 88%.

Sounds easy, right?

Simplify the Re-Drop

The painful truth is, for most marketers, re-dropping is not easy. Often it involves duplicating a campaign and rebuilding its contents. Then, analytics must be downloaded and manipulated in a spreadsheet program, and finally re-uploaded into a new campaign.

With Experiture, however, sending a re-drop to non-responders only takes moments. First, you navigate to Experiture’s Program Designer, then drag the email icon onto the Program Designer workspace.

Next, you can connect it to the first email and configure it to send to those who received the first email, but who did not open, or to those who opened the first email, but did not click — or both.

The best part? This can be done by a single marketer or small team, using only Experiture, with no help needed from IT.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself in your existing email solution and let us know how it goes. And if you want an easier way to do this trick yourself – so you can get more opens and clicks for your own newsletters — get in touch with Experiture and we will show you how.

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