Student and Alumni Engagement for Education Marketers

With Experiture, Education marketers can use profile and behavioral data to create dynamic, individualized online portals and cross‐channel messaging that reinforces relationships with prospective and current students, as well as with alumni and donors.

Coordinated Student, Alumni and Donor Experiences for Education Institutions

Education marketers use Experiture’s solutions to power marketing programs that give them an edge in the competition for student enrollment and donor gifts. Using our tools, education marketers can manage marketing programs and data –  and coordinate messaging across web, mobile, social, direct mail and other channels that creates a seamless, connected experience for students, alumni and donors.

One educational institution, for example, uses Experiture to engage with prospective students by presenting an online portal, in conjunction with coordinated Omni-Channel messaging that includes direct mail, email and social to drive applications and encourage eventual enrollment.

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Experiture Engagement Solutions for Education Marketers: How it Works

When you link your University’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other data sources with Experiture, you can leverage student, alumni and donor data to create personalized portals and Omni-Channel messaging that fosters engagement. Throughout, results of your marketing efforts are available in real-time to get insights into the effectiveness of your programs.

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Make the Grade with Solutions for Education Marketing

Experiture’s education marketing solutions are used to power the following types of programs, for example: