Marketing Automation & Customer Engagement for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Marketers in the healthcare and life sciences industries use Experiture’s healthcare marketing solutions to enhance marketing results by delivering coordinated, omni-channel experiences that strengthen engagement.

Experiture Customer Engagement Solutions for Patients, Professionals, and More

With Experiture, healthcare and life sciences industry marketers can combine customer data from across departments and marketing groups — and present coordinated Omni-Channel customer messaging across web, mobile, direct mail, call center, and other channels that foster customer engagement.

For example, one managed care organization uses Experiture’s technology to deploy online customer destinations with individualized plan data, healthcare information, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and more.

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Experiture’s Marketing Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences Marketers: How it Works

Simply link your customer relationship management (CRM), management information (MIS) or other systems to Experiture — and then use our precise segmentation and dynamic content tools to power individualized omni-channel messaging and personalized microsites that deepen relationships between your brand and providers, insureds, and other stakeholders. Along the way, your results are available in real-time — so you can gauge the effectiveness of your customer engagement initiatives.

And the best part? Once they are set up, Experiture’s marketing programs run without interruption – no intervention required. It’s like a prescription for marketing peace-of-mind.

Strengthen Customer Engagement with Experiture

Experiture’s healthcare and life sciences marketing solutions can help power the following types of communication: