As a marketer, you understand the importance of optimizing your landing pages. As a savvy marketer, you also know that simply optimizing your pages is not enough. Your lead generation efforts could be far more effective if you utilize web forms that attract the most qualified prospects.

Determine Your Target Audience

Which prospects are you targeting? Good question — and one that is sometimes rushed through (or overlooked entirely) by marketers when developing campaigns. When you run a promotion, it’s best to cast a smaller net to get more qualified prospects who are more likely to convert. This applies whether you are choosing a group through demographics or buyer personas. Picking those who you feel are most ready to buy means an easier time nurturing them through the sales funnel.

Ask Questions That Will Get You Results

Once you’ve determined your target audience, now it’s time to prepare the right set of questions that will yield the most qualified leads. For example, let’s consider a B2B product such as an email automation tool. One question could start with “I am” and include drop-down options such as “a decision maker for software purchases” and “the person who will use email automation tools on a daily basis.” Also, if you are trying to target geographically, be sure to include a zip code in the questions.

Ask the Right Number of Questions

The prevailing wisdom is that you should never ask more questions than necessary to get the relevant information about your lead. However, if you are dealing with a high-ticket item or you want only highly motivated buyers, consider a longer form. This tactic tends to yield very qualified leads.

Whatever you do, don’t just ask questions to ask questions. The questions you ask on your form can be useful for tailoring future promotions or developing new products. Consider which information will be the most useful long term.

Test Your Results

As you continue to create promotions and interact with leads, keep good data about which approaches are most effective. Over time, this will help you create the forms that bring you the most qualified, easy-to-convert leads.

You will find that with more qualified leads, your sales team spends less valuable time chasing dead ends and more time on the prospects who will become loyal customers. This, in turn, leads to a lower per-lead cost and the higher revenues that will make your business a success.

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