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Create a Customer Journey Experience for Human Engagement Marketing

The challenge is that the consumer journey definition has changed. Marketers were once in charge of the entire experience. But the digital world now allows consumers to use a self-initiated process to research information and control how they interact with companies when making buying decisions. Consumers may read online reviews, browse competitive websites, or seek recommendations through social media before having any actual contact with the potential business partner. Marketers need to utilize consumer journey mapping to follow, join and engage in conversation at various touchpoints along the way.

Human-to-Human Marketing: Creating One-to-One Marketing at Scale

In a rich multi-channel messaging environment, you are able to reach customers on every platform that they have shared. This can include SMS, email, social, direct mail and more. A quality platform should have both inbound and outbound capabilities so that you are always able to communicate in the right way at the right time.

B2C Companies Need Customer Experience Automation

If your company is like most businesses, communication with your customers occurs across the customer lifecycle – and, customer communication originates from different functions and departments. Traditionally, different departments maintain their own disparate systems to manage different customer data and communications. As a result, customer data is spread across various systems. Several different platforms may be responsible for different kinds of customer messages, presenting a challenge for teams to keep assets and messaging up-to-date.

In order to manage disparate two-way communications across the entire customer lifecycle – and maintain a “data warehouse” with a unified customer view -- you need a single platform capable of centralizing and organizing data, messaging, and assets.

Enter Customer Experience Automation.

Experiture Announces New Marketing Solutions for Casino Marketing

New solutions for casino marketing feature unprecedented cross-channel marketing capabilities, including online Player Destinations. Today, we are proud to announce the release of our new customer experience marketing solutions for online gaming and casino operators.  These solutions for casino marketing empower users with multichannel marketing programs that are synchronized across web, email, mobile and social channels. In addition to [...]

What you Get with Experiture

What you Get with Experiture: Platform Capabilities Experiture’s Customer Experience Marketing platform represents the next rung in the evolution of Enterprise software.  With its powerful capabilities and unmatched benefits, Experiture enables compelling customer experiences for organizations of all sizes. What are the Experiture platform benefits? With Experiture, the data that is scattered across disparate platforms [...]

What is Customer Experience Marketing?

Customer Experiences refer to all of the interactions a customer has with an organization over the entire customer lifecycle. Customer Experience Management refers to the process creating and measuring these interactions to maximize efficiency of service delivery, enhance satisfaction and loyalty, and encourage advocacy. Customer Experience Management (CXM) refers to how a company takes charge of its customer interactions over the course of their relationship with that customer.