What is Experiture?

Experiture is the world’s first enterprise-class Customer Experience Marketing platform.

What is Experiture?

We’re glad you asked.

Experiture is an enterprise-class customer experience marketing platform that allows users to easily create, launch, measure, and optimize cross-channel messaging and online customer destinations — enabling truly connected cross-channel customer experiences.

Experiture includes a suite of easy-to-use visual tools, and is also packed with powerful advanced features — making Experiture simple and intuitive for marketers of all technical skill levels…yet flexible enough for the most demanding users.

At the heart of Experiture lies a powerful customer experience marketing engine, that enables users to create highly individualized customer lifecycle marketing programs that feature dynamic content for email, web, mobile, and social that can change based on who is viewing it.

All the while, Experiture accumulates customer information from across your systems into a single marketing data warehouse that you can use to get a truly unified customer view. At the same time, your marketing analytics are reflected in a real-time Reports environment.

Experiture’s vision is rooted in the idea that marketers, support staff, operations personnel, and others can create unified customer experiences by seamlessly interacting with their audiences across all possible channels. Using a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools, Experiture enables users to quickly and easily create emails, landing pages, SMS messages and more — without an ongoing need for technical help or IT resources.

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