4 Tips for Using Data to Boost an Online Personalization Strategy

An all-in-one customer engagement marketing platform that helps both B2C and B2B marketers develop data driven personalization strategies that generate more leads and interact more effectively with target audiences, without needing ongoing help from the IT department. This platform can easily be integrated with current outbound marketing efforts to generate more leads, convert more leads into opportunities, and close more sales

B2C Companies Need Customer Experience Automation

If your company is like most businesses, communication with your customers occurs across the customer lifecycle – and, customer communication originates from different functions and departments. Traditionally, different departments maintain their own disparate systems to manage different customer data and communications. As a result, customer data is spread across various systems. Several different platforms may be responsible for different kinds of customer messages, presenting a challenge for teams to keep assets and messaging up-to-date.

In order to manage disparate two-way communications across the entire customer lifecycle – and maintain a “data warehouse” with a unified customer view -- you need a single platform capable of centralizing and organizing data, messaging, and assets.

Enter Customer Experience Automation.

5 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Improve Your ROI

Inbound marketing is quickly becoming a central part of any quality advertising strategy. Online marketing, including PPC campaigns, is 54 percent successful at generating leads. By comparison, TV advertisements are less than 1 percent successful. By understanding the different components of online marketing, you can begin to create an effective strategy that offers a strong [...]

Lower Postage Costs and Boost Engagement with Players

Download our Player Engagement Solutions Case Study and learn how one casino boosts redemptions by 80% using Experiture   How Casinos Can Lower Postage Costs and Boost Engagement with Experiture There is a crisis in direct mail marketing today. Postage rates continue to surge – and so the cost using direct mail as the primary [...]

Experiture Solutions for Hosts & Player Development

Casino hosts are critical to casinos:  They are often the only personal link that the casino has with its premium players.  Hosts help identify valuable players -- and drive wagering and other activity -- all while developing meaningful, personal relationships with each of the players.  At the same time, hosts are also expected to help retain existing high-value players by continuously engaging them with [...]

How to Boost Email Newsletter Engagement by 88% with Experiture

We get a 88% higher rate of increase for newsletter opens with this one weird trick….seriously. Rarely, if ever, is there “one weird trick” in marketing. In marketing, success is generally found only at the end of a long road paved by rigorous testing, endless optimization, and long lists of best practices. While this is [...]

How to Use a Mobile App for Casino Marketing

In today's intensely competitive gaming environment, it is more essential than ever to engage players across the channels they use every day.  That is why a growing number of properties are starting to leverage a mobile app for casino marketing. Using a Mobile App for Casino Marketing Mobile loyalty programs' sign-up rates are 5 times [...]