What you Get with Experiture: Platform Capabilities

Experiture’s Customer Experience Marketing platform represents the next rung in the evolution of Enterprise software.  With its powerful capabilities and unmatched benefits, Experiture enables compelling customer experiences for organizations of all sizes.

What are the Experiture platform benefits?

With Experiture, the data that is scattered across disparate platforms and different organizational functions can now be consolidated for all departments and functions within the organization.  Because of the included best-in-class marketing automation capabilities, you can leverage our single-platform solution to create personalized offers and portals for segments of customers and prospects.  Finally, with our analytics reports, you can identify overall audience trends – while maintaining visibility over individual responses and interactions.

How does Experiture work? 

We help you fuse your CRM, ERP, and other data into a powerful data warehouse that you can use across sales, marketing, customer care, finance, operations, and other functions.  With a single platform shared across departments, organizations can then get the following benefits:

1 – A Unified View of Customers and Prospects

Your customer data is combined into a single interface — including “profile” demographic information, transaction histories, interaction histories, data from the online social media footprints, and more – so you can use Experiture to build a central repository that integrates your ever-growing body of customer data and insights.  This unified view of the customer helps streamline business processes and inform personalized experiences.

2 – Create & Automate Individualized Messaging

With Experiture’s simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) tools, you’ll be able to create stunning, responsive emails, compliant SMS messages, and more – in minutes, and without any additional technical skills.  Plus, with our experience engine, putting individualized content in your messages is a breeze.  When you’re done creating your messaging, you can then use our drag-and-drop Program Designer to pre-schedule messaging and automate follow-ups.

3 – Build & Deliver Dynamic Customer Destinations

Experiture also has powerful WYSIWYG tools for creating dynamic web pages or microsites – which we refer to as “Customer Destinations”.  You can use our point-and-click tools to place images, survey forms, and more onto these “Customer Destination” pages – as well as easily create rules-based dynamic, individualized content.  When you are done, you can test and launch your pages right from Experiture.

4 – Segment Customers by Profile or Behavior

Easily define segments with our list-building tool and link them to automated messaging programs and online customer destinations.  In this way, you can dynamically configure your customer experiences.  For example, once a customer meets all of the criteria for a given segment, they may start to receive a stream of messaging – or see new dynamic content on their customer portal.  If they no longer fit the criteria, customers are suppressed from the relevant automated messaging and any related content on their destination pages.

5 – Both Overall Trends and Individual Interactions

Get a total view of the performance of your customer destinations and multi-channel messaging programs from anywhere in the world that has broadband Internet.  With our reports dashboard, not only will you see overall audience engagement trends – but you can also drill down to the level of the individual target to their responses and interactions.  Slice and dice your data in our Reports as you see fit – or, download CSV-formatted files for use in other software.

And that’s only the beginning.  The Experiture platform benefits are too numerous to list in a single blog post.  We are excited for the future and can’t wait for you to come along with us.

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