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Using Automated Multichannel Marketing to Respond to Player Lifecycle Events

Savvy marketers know that you can’t rely on a single channel to market your casino gaming offerings. These days, only a multichannel marketing effort will do, since players have a myriad of ads and promotions competing for their attention. But with so many players involved with your games 24/7/365, full-fledged marketing would be impossible without automating the process.

Human-to-Human Marketing: Creating One-to-One Marketing at Scale

In a rich multi-channel messaging environment, you are able to reach customers on every platform that they have shared. This can include SMS, email, social, direct mail and more. A quality platform should have both inbound and outbound capabilities so that you are always able to communicate in the right way at the right time.

7 Tips to Improve Customer Engagement

Customer engagement extends the customer lifecycle and helps increase your earnings from each person whom you do business with. There are many ways to keep people interested, communicating and coming back to your brand. A few of our top customer engagement tips: 1. Segment your customers into personas. No one approach will fit all customers. [...]