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Introducing Experiture 6.0 Omni-Channel Communications Platform

Experiture’s 6.0 Delivers Omni-channel Communications In a Robust, Secure and Scalable Environment. Brooklyn-based omni-channel marketing technology company Experiture, Inc. ( made a major announcement today with latest release of its customer engagement platform specifically engineered for highly regulated industries in verticals such as banking, finance, healthcare and gaming. Fully Secure & Scalable Across All Channels  [...]

Using integrated marketing to drive positive customer experience outcomes

Tracking consumers across many devices and phases can be a challenge for modern marketers. The importance of staying organized in the face of these challenges can't be understated. The use of software to help you keep your marketing on track will pay dividends over time. For more information about how an integrated marketing platform can help you, check out Experiture’s integrated marketing software.

Using Marketing Automation to Build Awareness

A company can enhance lifetime value by implementing customer engagement marketing programs through each customer lifecycle stage, from awareness through engagement to sale. Foster Long-Term Engagement: The work is just beginning once an initial sale is made. Marketing automation in the form of automated, ongoing personalized messaging, engages customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. At its best this involves little to no human intervention, including minimal IT involvement, to utilize accumulated information, market to buyer personas, and create one-to-one conversations.

Why a Unified Customer View is Vital to Your Marketing Efforts

A unified customer view can help marketers define customer experiences and drive enhanced engagement. Experiture offers an all-in one customer engagement marketing platform that helps both B2C and B2B marketers develop personalization programs that generate more leads and interact more effectively with target audiences. This platform provides a unified customer view, all-in-one analytics, and buyer persona marketing opportunities.

Create a Customer Journey Experience for Human Engagement Marketing

The challenge is that the consumer journey definition has changed. Marketers were once in charge of the entire experience. But the digital world now allows consumers to use a self-initiated process to research information and control how they interact with companies when making buying decisions. Consumers may read online reviews, browse competitive websites, or seek recommendations through social media before having any actual contact with the potential business partner. Marketers need to utilize consumer journey mapping to follow, join and engage in conversation at various touchpoints along the way.