It is such a wonderful day in the business world when prospects come to the table completely ready to buy. They visit a website with credit card in hand, stride purposefully into a retail location, or place an inbound telemarketing call to the sales team. Unfortunately, though, that is not how the process usually works. After initial contact, the prospect needs to be communicated with at every step along the way, and provided with information that will help motivate them to be a buyer.

This is the process of lead nurturing. Business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations which have effective lead nurturing programs find that they can often motivate larger purchases at a lower cost per sale by positively working existing leads than those companies which constantly try to churn the waters to turn up ever larger volumes of leads. With lead nurturing from Experiture, you can put your company in the best position to motivate prospects to buy from you when they finally decide to act.

Here are seven lead nurturing campaigns ideas that can help your company boost sales:

Say Hello:

Most leads are at the very beginning of the sales process or are just showing a passing interest, some are not yet ready to buy, and the vast majority will never become an actual sale. Start the qualifying process to find out which is which by instituting an automated welcome campaign that provides an introduction to your company, your products or services, and outlines your value proposition for brand new prospects.

Introduce your Products:

Prospects might not be aware of all the products or services your company offers. A product-focused campaign can help prospects focus on their problem or need, explore alternatives they are currently using, and demonstrate how your product can provide a solution. It can also provide information about your competitive advantages.

Be a thought Leader:

Many marketing and sales teams do not completely understand the buying cycle, so they often give up far too early in the contact process. Keep in touch by conducting industry/thought leadership campaigns which provide prospects with information about the industry through industry reports, press releases and white papers showcasing your position.

Special Offers and Promotions:

Keep their interest by including occasional promotional campaigns which provide information on special discounts, bonus features and exclusive benefits to sales-ready prospects.


The cold marketing truth is that most prospects do not purchase immediately when they start researching and contacting vendors, but many do still end up eventually making a purchase. Institute a plan to welcome new prospects to the family with a carefully orchestrated onboarding campaign that includes a series of drip emails about product guides, features, training, support resources and FAQs.

The Upsell/Cross-Sell:

Get more from current customers by educating them about upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on their purchase history.

Renewal Reminders:

Reach out to customers prior to their renewal date reminding them about the upcoming deadline, reiterating your value proposition, and offer simple ways to make the payment such as auto-renew.

Lead nurturing from Experiture includes an easy interface for sending automated email marketing, triggered emails that respond with relevant information when prospects interact with your marketing, and deep CRM integrations that pull prospects into programs. It can also populate each individual record with return engagement history and other information. Get the maximum results out of your marketing efforts, close sales faster, and give your sales team every chance of success with Experiture’s integrated lead nurturing system. Your bottom line will be glad you did.


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