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Human-to-Human Marketing: Creating One-to-One Marketing at Scale

In a rich multi-channel messaging environment, you are able to reach customers on every platform that they have shared. This can include SMS, email, social, direct mail and more. A quality platform should have both inbound and outbound capabilities so that you are always able to communicate in the right way at the right time.

Marketing Automation: More than Just Email Marketing

When people think of marketing automation, email is the first -- and sometimes only -- area that comes to mind. While email marketing automation is a powerful tool, you are missing opportunities if that is the extent of your marketing automation software. A few of the other applications and benefits: Nurturing Prospects All Through the [...]

Marketing Automation for Small Business

Marketing Automation solutions for small business reduce the feeling that you need to be a “jack-of-all-trades” to get everything done. There are customers and employees to deal with, products or services to provide, as well as administrative and legal issues. Making marketing one-less-thing-to-worry-about is simply a matter of finding the right marketing automation software for your small [...]

Why Credit Unions Need to Automate Their Multichannel Marketing

Marketing automation is a powerful tool to assist a US credit union industry that faces numerous challenges. On the one hand, the percentage of the US population that is served by credit unions has increased from 33% of the total in 2007 to 43.7% of the population which is a figure equivalent to 100 million [...]