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Your prospects are surfing the Internet, looking for products and services similar to those that you offer. But will they find you? Search engine marketing (SEM) and online display advertising targets interested or prospective buyers, and attempts to convert those eyeballs into sales.

When you use Experiture’s Landing Page creation tools to make offer-specific landing pages, you can improve the efficiency of your online Search spend. The search engines will consider your ad more relevant — thereby serving your ads to more people, for less cost — driving down your cost-per-click over time.

Furthermore, offer-specific landing pages convert visitors more effectively than a site’s homepage — and so your display, retargeting search marketing efforts can also be helped along by turning more of your click-through traffic into prospects….making your online spend more efficient.

With Experiture, your Search Engine and Display Ad initiatives can also be enhanced with our unique cookie-based website visitor tracking. This feature allows you to track anonymous website visitors — storing their interactions in their customer record even before knowing who they are — so that by the time they fill out a form on your website or otherwise tell you who they are, you already know a little bit about them.

Features and Benefits

  • Connects search activity to inbound leads so marketers can concentrate on their most profitable keywords
  • Discover which campaigns and keyword groups are driving conversions
  • Track the performance of your online marketing with unique URLs for ads and ad groups
  • Easily create program- and initiative-based reports to prove your search engine marketing  performance
  • Easily deploy and A/B test landing pages without IT
  • Create conversion-optimized landing pages with Experiture’s WYSIWYG site creation tools
  • Personalize sections of your pages or customer portals for various customer segments — without any HTML code
  • Capture and use information from visitors to segment and individualize content
  • Use progressive profiling to capture and store more information about your customers

Make your customer acquisition more efficient by using Experiture for your online marketing initiatives.

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