Marketing Automation & Customer Engagement for Personal and Consumer finance

Marketers in the Personal and Consumer Finance industries use Experiture’s marketing solutions to leverage customer and prospect data and present coordinated, Omni-Channel experiences that strengthen engagement and enhance marketing results.

Customer Engagement Solutions for Financial Services Marketers

By integrating data across the organization, Experiture can enable precise segmentation and dynamic, data-driven omni-channel messaging that are reinforced with individualized, online customer destinations.
One financial services organization, for example, uses Experiture technology to present a personalized web-based dashboard to its customers, where they can view high-level account information alongside a range of targeted investment and other financial product offers.

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Marketing Automation for Personal and Consumer Finance

For consumer finance marketers with direct sales agents, Experiture can draw from existing and acquired customer data to power targeted, individualized offers across email, web, mobile, and more. By presenting highly relevant, coordinated offers across channels, financial services marketers find that Experiture helps turn prospects into sales – and boost their bottom line.

Customers such as banks, credit unions, lenders and others use Experiture to power programs such as:

Strengthen Customer Engagement and Maximize Leads-to-Sales with Experiture