Join the experiture reseller program

Expand your offerings as an Experiture Agency Partner.

Join the world’s top digital agencies and provide your clients with Experiture’s industry-leading marketing platform as a managed service. By combining our technology with your agency’s own competencies, you get to realize more return from each client engagement — while standardizing your offerings by using uniform core technology and avoiding duplicate efforts across clients. Win more customers, and realize more profit, by using our platform to efficiently deliver your own data-driven marketing solutions.

Whether you use our platform on a self-service basis, or if you rely on Experiture managed services instead – as an Agency Partner in the Experiture Reseller Program, you will deliver more effective marketing programs more efficiently…and grow your bottom line as a result.

When you join the Experiture Reseller Program, you will:

Improve your Existing Services:

Evolve past “batch and blast” email campaigns into highly coordinated, personalized omni-channel marketing programs. Integrate mobile and social into every campaign to create customer experiences that sustain conversations across the customer lifecycle.

Deliver more Efficient Results:

Standardize the design, deployment and reporting of your campaigns with templates that can you can replicate across your client accounts.

Drive Recurring Revenue:

Measurement and testing tools means you can monitor ongoing audience trends and optimize portions of your marketing programs continuously and asynchronously – allowing you to offer ongoing services to support sustained marketing efforts.