Join the Experiture Application Partner Program

App Marketplace, where our users can find you. We also will announce our technical integration partnership in a sponsored Press Release, perform search and display marketing around our partnership — and jointly send a special offer to our customers that includes emails, in-app notifications, and more. What’s more, your customers will have access to a range of marketing solutions when they adopt your platform or service.

As a member of the Experiture Application Partner Program, you get:

Access to Experiture’s Customer Base via our application marketplace

A Free Developer License of Experiture, including API and Web Services access keys and documentation

An Experiture-sponsored Publicity campaign announcing our Partnership, including a joint press release and blog post

An Experiture-sponsored Search and Display campaign promoting your entry into our Partner Program

Targeted direct marketing campaigns aimed at select Experiture customers featuring steeply discounted licensing

90%-off discount to use of the Experiture platform for your own marketing, and revenue opportunities at higher levels of participation