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List Building: The #1 Overlooked Strategy

We help qualify each lead so that the sales team can focus their efforts on the prospects most likely to convert, maximizing the use of resources. As brands then build relationships with these leads, we provide additional assistance through our lead nurturing programs.

Lead Nurturing: 7 Campaign Ideas Your Company Should Try

It is such a wonderful day in the business world when prospects come to the table completely ready to buy. They visit a website with credit card in hand, stride purposefully into a retail location, or place an inbound telemarketing call to the sales team. Unfortunately, though, that is not how the process usually works. [...]

Lead Scoring: 5 Ways to Determine Lead Readiness

An estimated 79 percent of marketing leads never actually become customers. A lack of an efficient lead nurturing process is a big contributor to these poor outcomes. The greater the understanding brands have of their customers and their journey from awareness to making a purchase, the more productive their lead nurturing process will be. Here [...]

6 Ways to Protect and Nurture Your Sales Leads

Your ability to protect and nurture your sales leads will directly impact your success as an organization, yet shockingly many organizations do not have an effective means of working with prospects and leads to turn them into customers. In fact, only 27 percent of web-generated leads receive any contact from companies. Brands need to understand [...]

Good Lead Nurturing: 4 Steps to Take Your Lead Nurturing to the Top

According to Forrester Research, companies that have good lead nurturing skills are able to generate 50 percent more sales ready leads while spending 33 percent less. Lead nurturing for your organization must be done carefully to maximize your ROI. Here are four main steps to focus on to add fuel to your efforts and spawn the success [...]

Lead Generation: 4 Overlooked Ways to Get Qualified Leads

Getting highly qualified leads make your sales team happy and increases your return on your marketing investment. Finding them is the trick. SEO, PPC advertising, and content marketing are the key ways to get qualified leads to your brand. But, there are also a few ways you get even more qualified leads who are more likely to [...]

Lead Nurturing: 6 Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Lead nurturing, or slowly coaxing prospective buyers to become paying customers, is essential between the brand awareness and purchasing stages of the sales funnel. An estimated 93 percent of B2B buying processes begin with an online search. Yet, 50 percent of the leads currently in the system are not yet ready to buy. Despite the [...]