Customer Engagement for Casino and Entertainment Marketers

Experiture enables casino marketers to use the data they accumulate on their players and guests to power connected customer experiences.

Player Engagement for Casino Marketers

With Marketing Solutions built on Experiture, casino marketers and others can create compelling customer destinations and Omni-Channel messages that deepen customer loyalty and engagement – helping them maximize opportunities to bolster player lifetime value.

One casino operator, for example, syncs information from their player database with Experiture to power online customer destinations that display loyalty program information and balances, special offers, and more.

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Casino and Entertainment Solutions from Experiture: How it Works

When you connect your Property Management and other systems with Experiture’s entertainment and casino marketing solutions, you can use our Target Management and rules-based dynamic content management to power individualized, targeted offers through online customer portals and coordinated streams of omn-channel messaging.

Winning Big with Experiture Casino Marketing Solutions

Casino operators use Experiture to power programs such as: