The 4 Characteristics of Successful Landing Pages

All high-converting, successful landing pages share these same 4 characteristics Landing pages are an essential component of any holistic marketing strategy for any organization. For B2B and marketers with direct sales teams, landing pages are the heart of any lead generation effort. For consumer-focused marketers, landing pages form the backbone of most social, direct response, [...]

New Infographic: The Impact of Marketing Automation

Don't know what to expect from your investment in marketing automation? Here's a handy infographic on the impact of marketing automation that can help.'ve decided to invest in marketing automation for the first time -- or switch marketing automation providers.  Now, what should you expect?  What is impact of marketing automation on similar businesses?  How [...]

Landing Pages for PPC Marketing

Using Experiture to create Landing Pages for PPC Marketing. Digital marketers that specialize in Search Engine Marketing, Display, Retargeting, and other Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are always looking to optimize Marketing ROI. While some marketers stress the importance of continuous A/B testing of their PPC initiatives, others tout the importance of conversion optimization. Still others stress [...]

What is Customer Experience Marketing?

Customer Experiences refer to all of the interactions a customer has with an organization over the entire customer lifecycle. Customer Experience Management refers to the process creating and measuring these interactions to maximize efficiency of service delivery, enhance satisfaction and loyalty, and encourage advocacy. Customer Experience Management (CXM) refers to how a company takes charge of its customer interactions over the course of their relationship with that customer.

What is Experiture?

Experiture is a platform that allows customers to easily create, launch, measure, and optimize customer destinations and multichannel messaging. We call it "Customer Experience Automation".