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List Building: The #1 Overlooked Strategy

We help qualify each lead so that the sales team can focus their efforts on the prospects most likely to convert, maximizing the use of resources. As brands then build relationships with these leads, we provide additional assistance through our lead nurturing programs.

Lead Scoring: 5 Ways to Determine Lead Readiness

An estimated 79 percent of marketing leads never actually become customers. A lack of an efficient lead nurturing process is a big contributor to these poor outcomes. The greater the understanding brands have of their customers and their journey from awareness to making a purchase, the more productive their lead nurturing process will be. Here [...]

5 Reasons Why Lead Scoring Is So Important

The art of cultivating a prospect from lead generation through a final sale can be a complicated process. A prospect may show momentary interest in a particular product or service, only to disappear before the sales team can even establish initial contact. Marketing may be able to generate a significant quantity of leads, but only [...]

Lead Generation: 4 Overlooked Ways to Get Qualified Leads

Getting highly qualified leads make your sales team happy and increases your return on your marketing investment. Finding them is the trick. SEO, PPC advertising, and content marketing are the key ways to get qualified leads to your brand. But, there are also a few ways you get even more qualified leads who are more likely to [...]