In today’s intensely competitive gaming environment, it is more essential than ever to engage players across the channels they use every day.  That is why a growing number of properties are starting to leverage a mobile app for casino marketing.

Using a Mobile App for Casino Marketing

Mobile loyalty programs’ sign-up rates are 5 times higher than those of traditional loyalty schemes and offer vast personalization options — so it is clear that players expect to be engaged on their mobile devices.  Also, mobile marketing is also a great way to engage Millennials — who are intensive users of mobile devices.

But how do you maximize the impact of your app to drive repeat player visits and boost offer redemption?  Here are 3 ways that you can get the most from your mobile app for casino marketing and grow your bottom line:

1. Tiered Loyalty Program Offers

Almost all casinos with loyalty programs send targeted periodic offers to players of various tiers.  Traditionally, these offers are communicated via direct mail — though now many casinos are starting to adopt a multichannel approach that reinforces mailed offers with accompanying email messages.

But did you know you can also use your mobile app to communicate these same offers?

Tie together your mobile app with your other marketing, and reinforce offers via Push messaging to your players.  Have a great show coming up?  A restaurant promotion?  Or simply some Free Slot Play?  When marketers message their players through mobile devices as the event nears, they grow engagement with their offers — and tend to boost visits and redemptions.

2. Geo-targeted Promotions

A great advantage of mobile apps for casino marketing is that mobile devices are typically GPS-enabled — which makes it possible to deliver promotions based upon where they are in the world — otherwise known as their their “geo-location”.

Use your Casino’s mobile app to message players in the vicinity of your property with special offers or one-time promotions.   If your property is in a jurisdiction that allows it, consider the range of offers besides Free Slot Play: Does your property have a bar or restaurant, or other retail areas?  Is there a lodge or hotel on premise?  Promotions that induce customers to spend money in those areas can also impact on your bottom line by driving traffic through the gaming floor to these areas.

Alternatively, you can also target players in the vicinity of competitors’ properties to try to get them to visit yours instead.  Promotions and offers aimed at these players have a high chance of getting them to pay attention — and can help boost your share-of-wallet.

3. Alert Staff to Incoming Premium Players

Another element of geo-targeting is the ability to track your players — and trigger alerts to hosts and other personnel when certain players arrive are on your property.

Whether you are after high-rollers, or want to engage your mid-tier players in person, you can choose message staff over email and SMS when players that meet a certain set of criteria enter (or come near) the building.   This allows your player development personnel to achieve the highest levels of personalized customer service — which may give you an edge when retaining players.

Conclusion: Put Your Mobile App to Work for your Casino

The above suggestions are just three examples of how to use your property’s mobile app for your casino marketing.  And they are all possible with Experiture.

At Experiture, we can help you create a new mobile app for your property — and enable you to take advantage of the power and reach of mobile apps marketing — or, we can integrate your existing app within the Experiture platform, which enables you to use Push messaging as one of the channels you can leverage in your multi-step, multichannel marketing strategy — and then measure the returns.

Whether you currently have a mobile app for your property — or you need Experiture to create one for you — get in touch Today to see how Experiture enables the orchestration, deployment and measurement of mobile app marketing for casinos and other gaming establishments.

To learn more about our mobile app solutions, request a demo of Experiture today.