Marketing Automation allows you to do more without having to do it all manually, but it isn’t totally automatic. To get the most benefit from marketing automation, you need to use the technology wisely. A number of areas need care and attention. Here are a few marketing automation mistakes people commonly make:

1. Not marketing for your customers’ pain points.

According to Forbes Insights, only one in four marketers is collecting customer data, which makes it hard for them to understand the people with whom they want to do business. If you don’t get to know your customers, you won’t understand their pain points and how you can help them. Each of your prospects has a problem that he or she needs to solve. By identifying the issue, you can hone your marketing to more effectively explain how your product or service can be the solution that they need.

customer pain points

Someone, somewhere is doing this. If only they knew that you could help them…

2. Using a “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategy.

Each of your customers is different. Each has a different pain point, a different business, different needs. Personalization provides far better conversion rates than one-size-fits-all messaging. Divide your customers into groups based on buyer personas and speak directly to each group. They will be more likely to identify with your message and continue the relationship. A recent case study showed that personalized email campaigns have a click-through rate that is 14 percent better and a conversion rate that is higher by 10 percent.

target prospects by personalizing your messages

Target prospects by placing them in relevant groups based on buyer personas.

3. Improperly scoring leads.

If you send just one marketing email to a prospect, you are not likely to make a sale. It takes time for them to get to know your products, your company, and how you can help with their most pressing dilemmas. Experiture makes it easy to score prospects throughout the lead nurturing process, allowing you to see who is ready to jump in and buy.

Data and Analytics that help you score your leads.

Lead Scoring is easy with analytics from Experiture

4. Not automating, capturing and analyzing metrics.

We marketers tend to be more on the creative side and are often intimidated by statistics and analytics. However, reporting and analytics are essential for learning what efforts work and which don’t. They allow you to A/B test one approach against another to see which is more effective. And, over time, they make your marketing work better, allowing you to get a better return on every marketing investment.

Experiture provides easy-to-understand, real-time reports on the metrics that matter most to you. You can use these to improve your targeting and to show the folks in the C-Suite what you are doing and the quality of your results. 84 percent of marketers in a recent survey said that they cannot measure and report on marketing’s contribution to the their business’s profits. By being part of the 16 percent that can, you can show your value to your company.


Analyzing your conversion rates is easy with Experiture’s Marketing Automation Software.

5. Not improving your marketing based on your data.

It’s not enough to track your results. You must also use what you find to make