Marketing automation benefits your business by allowing you to use your personnel assets in the areas they are most effective while helping your business run more efficiently. Today’s businesses run lean. You need every tool available to give you an edge.

Here are A few Marketing Automation Benefits:

1. Lower staffing costs

A lot of what you currently have staff doing is busy work that can be done as well or better with a marketing automation platform. With the lower overhead possible through automation, you are better able to compete against others in your field. Instead of performing mundane tasks, you can deploy team members on tasks that are more valuable to your company.

2. Reduce bottlenecks

Your marketing and sales teams coordinate better, reducing bottleneck and speeding up your process. There’s no waiting for data or actions from one department. Your marketing automation handles it.

3. Refine your marketing process

Don’t let customers slip out of the funnel or wander off on their buyer’s journey. Human error can lead to prospects never getting the follow-up needed to convert. Marketing automation assures that they will get the right communication at the right time to nurture them toward a sale.

4. Target customers across multiple channels

It takes many touches for a B2B prospect to become a client. Reach out through email, on social and through the phone. You can track just how much contact you have and in what context so that you are persistent but not pesky.

5. Prioritize leads based on demographic and behavioral scoring

Lead scoring helps you better assess which people are the most likely to convert to clients. Your sales team can focus on the prospects that are most likely to be fruitful, increasing their conversion rate and putting their efforts where they will be most effective.

6. Increase your customer lifetime value through up-sells and cross-sells

It is well-known that it is easier and less expensive to keep a customer than to procure a new one. Experiture makes it easy to match current customers with additional offerings that fit their prior purchasing and their needs. This allows you to increase your profit per customer, which boosts your marketing ROI.

7. Cut the time needed to create a campaign

Experiture’s drag and drop interface makes it easy for people to create a new campaign — no tech skills needed. Less time spent creating campaigns means that you can launch more of them and work on other tasks in between.

8. Activate existing content like blogs, webinars, emails series and videos to nurture leads.

Put all of your best content assets into play. Lead nurturing through your best informational marketing tools helps increase trust in your brand and improves your conversion rate.

9. Keep your CRM data up to date

When you connect your CRM to your marketing automation software, you can assure that your customer details are always up to date. Experiture integrates seamlessly with a number of CRMs, making it easy to use the tools you already have more effectively.

10. Make decisions based on real-time reporting and analytics.

The best decisions are data-backed ones. Our marketing automation tool helps you instantly generate reports that can help you make the decisions that will best benefit your brand

When you automate processes, you eliminate human error and remove wasteful human action, making your organization more effective. Contact us today to learn how marketing automation can work for you.