Most marketing managers know that content marketing is important, but they aren’t always sure how to get the results that they want. If you are looking for ways to get more out of your content marketing efforts, these seven essentials are a good place to start. To be effective, your content marketing should include:

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials provide social proof that shows why a prospective client should choose you. When potential customers see that others have purchased your product and been happy with the quality, they feel increased confidence. Ways to cultivate testimonials include asking customers in person, including a testimonial submission link on your site, throwing out requests on social media and including a request for testimonials in your signature in messages to your customers.

Blog Posts

Fresh content is essential for both SEO and building a connection with your potential and current customers. Your blog posts can demonstrate your familiarity with your industry and the authority you bring to the subject. Topics can range from list articles to how-tos to updates on the latest offerings and best practices in your industry. Be sure that you keep straight promotional posts to a minimum. These tend to put readers off; instead, focus on topics that are interesting and useful to the people who visit your page and chose to work with your business.

Case Studies

These real life examples show how customers benefited from your product and why a prospect should consider doing business with you. Discuss a problem that a customer had and how your product or service solved it. Include hard figures whenever possible to emphasize the value of your service; for instance, if a business’s sales increased by 25% after they implemented your marketing software, this is worth sharing.


Long form content provides more depth on a particular subject to better educate your prospect and show case your company as a thought leader. Additionally, ebooks, white papers, in-depth reports and other useful, longform content urge reciprocity. You have provided something of value to your prospect; this makes them more inclined to give something of value – their business – to you.


These live events help generate interest from new prospects while allowing customers to learn more about your brand and what it can do for them. These events can include live question and answer sessions where you help current and potential customers with their issues. And, your webinars can be edited to make valuable video content on your site.


The optimal content mix uses visuals along with text to communicate their message. When you use infographics, you communicate complex topics in a way that is visually oriented and easy to understand. Create thought leadership visuals that provide insight into your industry as a whole. These graphic tools can go viral, giving you a larger reach.

By regularly adding a range of content offerings to your website, to sites where you guest post and to your social media accounts, you can continue to rise up the search engines and give potential customers a reason to check out your brand. Continue to build a library of powerful content and you will see your marketing ROI and your profits increase.