With a Return-on-Investment that reaches beyond 4300%, email marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing. Many Credit Unions, however, have few email addresses for their members – and so it is challenging to realize these advantages. But, it doesn’t have to be.

To send e-mail, you first need to build a strong e-mail list. With Experiture, it is easy to use email marketing to retain your members and deepen customer relationships in an increasingly competitive market. But did you know Experiture can help you capture more emails as well?

Here are some helpful tips to collect email addresses from members of your credit union.

Tip #1: In-Branch Collection

In-branch promotions are a perfect opportunity to collect member email addresses, and enhance service delivery at the same at the same time.  When your members are interacting with your personnel, you are in a great position to get their email addresses simply by asking.  By expressing interest in their ability to get special offers, your members will feel a deeper relationship with your institution.

You can use Experiture to enable in-branch email collection by creating landing pages that are displayed on tellers’ computers, at kiosks, or on tablet devices that offer to send this information to those who volunteer their emails addresses.

Tip #2: Create a Library of Member-Specific Content

The first thing to know when soliciting email addresses from members is that you can’t get something valuable – like an e-mail address — without first giving up something of value yourself.  And content marketing is a great way to do it.

One way to leverage content to obtain e-mail addresses is to create content such as eBooks or Quick Guides that is targeted at the segments of your existing and potential members you’d like to engage.  For example, for Millenials, student loan repayment is a hot-button personal fiunance issue.  Offering resources about student loan repayment, for example, would be a great way to offer something of valueto  a millennial in exchange their name and e-mail address.

Experiture can help enable this type of content marketing by giving you a facility to host and distribute content over email, search ads, social, in-branch and more — by creating landing pages that offer a content download in exchange for a visitor’s email address.

Tip #3: Personalized URLs for Direct Mail

Did you know that your existing direct mail programs can provide a mechanism for collecting email addresses?  With Experiture, you can use your direct mail programs to collect member email addresses through the use of vanity or Personalized URLS (PURLs) in your direct mail.

A personalized URL or PURL is a unique, personalized landing page created especially for each recipient of your direct e-mail or e-mail marketing campaign. When a mail piece recipient enters their unique PURL, they are taken to an individualized landing page that mirrors the mailed offer — and can also feature a datas collection element such as a form.

PURLs are critical for direct mail, as they increase response rates, make it possible to track responses in real time, and allow instantaneous follow-up with interested prospects.  Additioonally, you can also engage customers more effectively in the future using the history of their engagement with your marketing to more effectively target subsequent offers.

Conclusion: Collect More Member Email Addresses and Grow Member Engagement

Once you have maximized the collection of your members’ e-mail addresses, Experiture can go to work for you.

Our marketing software and Member Engagement Solutions help marketing teams create, deploy, measure and optimize multichannel marketing programs that combine traditional channels such as direct mail with digital channels such as email. From customer acquisition, through retention, and winback — Experiture enables you to add email as a channel to your existing marketing programs to foster engagement with your members, so that your credit union can also start to realize the ROI of email marketing.

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