In a world where marketers jam up email inboxes with relentless messaging, it is crucial to have your organization’s marketing stand out any way that it can.  However, many marketers unintentionally fall into common traps with email marketing – and so squander a valuable opportunity. According to research by the e-tailing group, the most successful email marketing can drive as much as 60% of direct orders for a consumer organization.

Because email marketing is valuable to virtually all of today’s marketers, we’d like to share the three most common mistakes in email marketing that we generally encounter – and how you can avoid them with Experiture.

Want to make sure you’re getting the most the value of your customer and prospect database?  Take care not to make any of these email marketing mistakes yourself:

Mistake #1: Not Sending Enough Email

Companies must take steps to make their emails stand out to subscribers in an impactful way. And the most important step towards outstanding email marketing to send emails in the first place.

According to a recent Newsweaver survey, over 21% of B2C marketers send at least one message per week to consumers. But nearly half reported deploying email campaigns once per month or less! If you are a B2C organization emailing your database less than once per week — and research shows that there is nearly a 50% chance that you are — you may be missing a valuable opportunity. And the same is true when marketing to businesses, as today many B2B marketers send email with frequency that nearly rivals their consumer-focused colleagues.

So why do some organizations persist with sporadic email marketing? There are many reasons. Challenges accessing customer data and the difficulty of using enterprise tools are often cited as factors.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be a challenge. Experiture’s flexible yet friendly email marketing tools make it a snap to create, deploy, and optimize email campaigns. Running marketing programs ranging from simple newsletter blasts to multistep and multichannel programs can all be done by marketers within a single interface — without any help from IT.

Mistake #2: Not Automating Emails

Whether you are a B2B marketer looking for marketing automation tools to encourage prospects through the sales funnel or a B2C marketer looking to engage in customer cycle marketing – you need a solution that can send emails in response to data-dependent events such as profile information changes, behavior, or transactions. Automated messaging is the only way stay in touch with customers and prospects — and to respond to data-driven events with relevant messaging, at scale.

Experiture’s best-in-class campaign marketing management and automation tools make it easy to automate data-driven, automated marketing programs. Create multi-step email messaging for continuous lead nurturing or drip marketing, for example, in minutes. And you can do it all without any special technical skills.

Mistake #3: Not Using Customer Data

Finally, the third-most common challenge marketers face when email marketing is neglecting their customer data. Even if they do succeed in creating and automating email programs, a lot of marketers fall short when it comes to using dynamic segmentation and message personalization. For many organizations, this is because customer data must be amalgamated and manipulated from disparate sources in order to create high-value customer segments. And without data, it is tough to create dynamic, personalized messaging with relevant offers.

This last mistake is easy to remedy with Experiture. With an integrated customer database, targeted segmentation is a breeze — allowing you to create high-value customer data extracts in seconds. Experiture is the only marketing platform that includes dynamic personalization in every edition, allowing you to personalize emails using the friendly drag-and-drop tools.

Putting it all together with Experiture

Whether you’re just starting out in marketing or if you are a veteran — everyone makes email marketing mistakes. However, unlike in the Chinese proverb, marketers do indeed make the same mistakes over and over again. These tips may help you avoid them. But you’ll have your best chance to succeed with your email marketing programs if you launch them with Experiture.

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