It is a common irony of the human existence — we long for a much simpler approach, but we get suspicious when something comes along that actually promises to makes things easier. Think about how people first reacted to cars, airplanes, televisions, remote controls and just about every other time-saving invention. In 1977, none other than Ken Olsen, the president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, predicted that, “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” Once people started trying these new inventions, however, they rapidly realized their benefits and assimilated them into their everyday life.

The same reaction is happening in the marketing world today. Marketers feel overwhelmed by the power of digital marketing and all of its communication opportunities — from websites and email, to social media and customer portals. They know that the message must be consistent across the board, but they don’t know how to accomplish that goal with the budget they have. They yearn for ways to automate their routine marketing tasks but are slow to adapt to new opportunities. And so it is with marketing automation. While the benefits of a customer experience marketing platform are readily apparent, there are still some in the communications world who continue holding onto these common misconceptions about marketing automation:

  1. Marketing automation is difficult to implement. Nobody really likes the idea of change. It can be difficult, and they might have to learn a new way to do something. So, despite a product’s perceived benefits, they are slow to adapt. Fortunately, that isn’t true with Experiture’s human engagement platform. We’ve designed it specifically for the change-averse, to make it easy to understand, implement and use.
  2. Marketing automation is expensive. It doesn’t pay to be penny-wise and pound-foolish, especially when it comes to your marketing strategy. With all the advancements in digital marketing, your business can’t afford not to invest in a platform that helps create one-to-one conversations across web, email, mobile and more.
  3. Only marketers use marketing automation. Your business needs to tap into the reality that the world is digitally connected. Linking Experiture to your data sources enables different departments and functions to consistently deliver automated, individualized, cross-channel customer experiences across the entire customer life-cycle.
  4.  Marketing automation is a fancy name for plain old email marketing. Although email is a vital component of any communications program, digital marketing isn’t just about email any longer. It’s about creating a consistent online image and using a multi-channel approach to reach out to prospects and customers. Our integrated marketing platform includes user-friendly email marketing, along with advanced landing pages for both desktop and mobile, highly personalized messaging, and a marketing data warehouse.
  5.  Marketing automation only works for B2C targeting. Whether you are a B2C marketer looking to maximize customer lifetime value, or a B2B marketer who wants to leverage your CRM data to attract and retain as many customers as possible, Experiture has a customer experience marketing platform that fits your needs.

Marketing automation from Experiture can be a powerful ally in your quest to develop communications that speak directly to your audience. See for yourself what a difference marketing automation and customer experience marketing can make for your company.

About Experiture: Experiture is an all-in one customer engagement marketing platform that helps B2C and B2B marketers interact more effectively with target audiences. Users can easily create, deploy, optimize and measure outgoing, automated marketing programs across the entire life cycle.
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