Using Experiture to create Landing Pages for PPC Marketing.

Digital marketers that specialize in Search Engine Marketing, Display, Retargeting, and other Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are always looking to optimize Marketing ROI. While some marketers stress the importance of continuous A/B testing of their PPC initiatives, others tout the importance of conversion optimization. Still others stress the importance of marketing automation and lead nurturing — or emphasize personalization as the key components to enhance ROI.

So which tactic is most effective when it comes to enhancing return on PPC marketing investment?

While all of these tactics above can help boost your PPC Marketing ROI — none are as important as (or even possible without) campaign-specific landing pages.

Why Use Landing Pages for PPC Marketing?

Landing pages for PPC marketing will enhance the ROI of your campaigns by creating relevant experiences – for example, leading users to an offer-specific landing page when they click on an ad (rather than a company’s homepage).

Because such campaign-specific landing pages increase click-through without necessarily increasing impressions – it makes your PPC more efficient over time on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. As a matter of fact, search engines and display networks often consider campaigns with specific landing pages to be more relevant than offers that lead directly to a company’s home page. And with better quality scores, ads to get better placement and appear more often — which in turn leads to even lower cost-per-click on PPC campaigns.

Of course, there are other reasons to use landing pages for PPC campaigns. A strong network of landing pages for PPC marketing, for example, will allow you to closely measure marketing results and accumulate information from respondents. Moreover, as your campaign progresses, you can perform A/B tests and conversion optimization — as well as engage respondents with marketing automation and lead-nurturing – in order to get the most from your marketing spend.

Luckily for digital marketers, Experiture can help boost ROI from PPC marketing because it allows for the simple creation, deployment, measurement and optimization of campaign-specific Landing Pages.

Landing Page Optimization Tactics for PPC Marketers

Once deployed, landing pages should be optimized for performance to further optimize campaign ROI. Tactics such as engagement measurement, A/B testing, conversion optimization, and marketing automation all help boost PPC response and conversion.

For example, Experiture’s reports and analytics give marketers the tools they need to analyze and optimize landing page performance. The built-in reporting lets you see how often visitors come to landing pages, how long they spend there, and where they are converting – while A/B testing tools allow you to test what is working on your landing pages and maximize conversion — so that you can get the best results from your PPC efforts.

Putting it All Together: Use Experiture Landing Pages for your PPC Campaigns

Using a marketing platform like Experiture allows you to keep your PPC budget in-line while boosting ROI through the same (or lower) total spend. While Experiture lets you create and host unlimited landing pages on unlimited domains – it also offers functionality such as dynamic personalization, built-in analytics and A/B testing, marketing automation, and a centralized customer database that accumulates information from respondents. When you put it all together, Experiture’s tools combine to give digital marketers the best chances for PPC marketing success.

Want to see how Experiture can help boost ROI for your PPC Marketing efforts? Talk to an Experiture Solutions Team Specialist today to learn more.