Don’t know what to expect from your investment in marketing automation?

Here’s a handy infographic on the impact of marketing automation that can help.

So…you’ve decided to invest in marketing automation for the first time — or switch marketing automation providers.  Now, what should you expect?  What is impact of marketing automation on similar businesses?  How much should I expect marketing automation to contribute to total sales, or other measures?

Marketing Automation is an essential element in the arsenal of today’s marketers.  For B2B and marketers with direct sales teams, marketing automation is at the heart of any lead generation or lead nurturing effort — and a key component of the sales process.  For consumer-focused marketers, automated marketing programs form the backbone of most customer lifecycle-based messaging.

No matter the type of marketer you are, or how you want to use automation — here is a handy infographic that will help you set some expectations.

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