Experiture Version 2.0 includes New and Improved Features, Enhanced Design and Greater Usability

Today is an exciting day for us with the release of Experiture Version 2.0!  This latest release includes a host of powerful new features, improved performance, and a fresh new design with enhanced usability.

Also, starting with version 2.0, Experiture is offering a range of extended capabilities and third-party integrations through its new Apps Marketplace — which provides users with an expanded, extensible marketing solutions ecosystem.

The Experiture customer experience marketing platform enables marketing teams, customer support staff, and others to create compelling customer destinations and automated customer messaging – all in a single-platform – without any special skills or training.

The Experiture 2.0 platform’s core capabilities include:

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MARKETING that enables truly connected, cross-channel experiences
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION for deploying and optimizing automated marketing programs at scale
  • EMAIL MARKETING with enterprise-class email creation and measurement tools
  • DYNAMIC PERSONALIZATION that delivers relevant targeted and individualized messaging across your marketing programs

The release of Experiture 2.0 brings enhancements to the following features:

Manage Your Customer Data: With powerful customer data warehouse capabilities, Experiture serves as your marketing system of record – so you can stop fighting with your data, and start using it the right way.

Integrate your existing Data, Apps & CRM Systems: Skip hefty, costly integrations and reduce the effort needed to connect all your solutions and data together.  Quickly and easily add functionality to the Experiture platform with a growing number of solutions available in our new App Marketplace.

Design the Perfect Marketing Program: Drag-and-drop your way through Experiture’s Program Designer to effortlessly create and automate the complex, multichannel marketing programs of your dreams.  The only limit is your imagination.

Precisely Target your Marketing:  Hone in on the customer segments you need to reach by profiles, behavior, and more – and create custom “views” of these Targets that you can include in your various marketing programs.

Understand your Customers:  See the results of your customer engagement in breathtaking detail with a 360-degree view of each customer – giving you a true understanding of their demographics, preferences, and more.

User-friendly Platform: Experiture 2.0’s enhanced interface has greater functionality and is more visually appealing.  Tab-enabled browsing allows users to quickly toggle between tasks, which makes users more efficient by allowing more Experiture tabs and screens to be visible within a single screen.

Mobile-optimized Marketing: Easily incorporate the mobile channel into your marketing programs, with improved mobile-responsive templates, as well as newly-available inbound and outbound SMS messaging.


Experiture 2.0 will be made available to new and existing clients starting on July 1, 2014.

Want to join us to take a look at the future of marketing? Join us for a live demo of Experiture 2.0 on Thursday, June 26, at 2 p.m. EST.