All high-converting, successful landing pages share these same 4 characteristics

Landing pages are an essential component of any holistic marketing strategy for any organization. For B2B and marketers with direct sales teams, landing pages are the heart of any lead generation effort. For consumer-focused marketers, landing pages form the backbone of most social, direct response, search, and display campaigns.

That is because most marketers agree that it is best to create custom landing pages for each campaign and offer — as opposed to relying on your homepage, where visitors must somehow guess what to do next.

So what are the secrets to creating successful landing pages that convert traffic into sales? No matter the type of marketer you are, or the kind of offers and promotions you create – here are four elements that you must include in every landing page in order to be successful:

A Killer Call to Action

When trying to get an online audience to do what you want —whether it’s fill out a form, buy a product, or call a salesperson — it’s crucial to hold attention and guide the next steps. A good call-to-action (or CTA) does exactly this. Any CTA (think “Get more information” or “Buy Now”) should be both easy-to-understand and eye-catching – but also compelling enough to pique a respondent’s curiosity and inspire them to further engage.

An Offer, with Clear Benefits, that Addresses a Known Need

If the call-to-action is what grabs a visitor’s attention — the offer should keep them on the page. Usually an offer is more involved than the call to action, and it usually paints a clear picture of how your product or service addresses a need or solves some pain-point. An offer should be persuasive, and if possible, include “social proof” in the form of testimonials, or even guarantees. Be sure to drive home the need for the product or service — or else a clear-cut case for how it can enrich the purchaser, or improve their lives (or their business) in some useful way.

A Method to Opt-In

If you’ve done a great job on the first two landing page must-haves, then visitors to your landing page should be ready to take the next step. But if that next step – or “opt in” to the offer — isn’t logical, clear, or persuasive, you can easily lose your audience’s attention. Be sure to have an opt-in method that accumulates user responses and helps manage follow-up. Most marketers also like to provide a variety options to opt-in – so make sure to have your phone number somewhere on the landing page, as well as an e-mail address. Many choose to provide a method to contact live agents, as well.

At least one “B” Version At-the-Ready

This last “must-have” item in this is perhaps the most important. Any landing page that you create – no matter how well you’ve nailed the first three must-haves – is only a starting point. This first attempt must be continuously refined and optimized by constant experimentation with alternatives. After all, it is up to the audience – not the marketer – to determine which landing page converts the most visitors.

Putting it All Together

With Experiture, it’s easy to use built-in landing page editing and form tools to get the right mix of CTA, offer, and opt-in. And, with included -in testing tools, you can get A/B tests running with any page you create. More importantly, Experiture’s multichannel campaign management and marketing automation tools make it a cinch to collect responses and follow-up with automated marketing programs to respondents.

Of course, these tips above are only a starting point to creating successful landing pages that generate results. Keep an eye out for Experiture’s upcoming “Getting Started” and “Best Practices” guides, which includce a treasure-trove of information, tips and tricks for your landing pages.

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