Enterprise-class Technology Infrastructure

Customer experiences are central to the business of any consumer-centric enterprise. Experiture is built from the ground-up to provide fast, reliable performance while providing all the benefits of an enterprise-class platform:  Scalability, connectivity, security, and fully managed hardware infrastructure and software.

Speed and Reliability

Experiture’s infrastructure, architecture and configurations were all created with performance in mind.  Load-balancing, redundant storage, automated backups, uninterruptable power and continuous monitoring at our top-tiered data center all ensure that you can easily and predictably operate the platform with confidence from anywhere, at any time.


As you conduct ever more marketing with Experiture, your database can scale to millions of records with thousands of data points within each record – without breaking a sweat.  No matter the size of your customer and prospect lists, or how many users are logged in, Experiture retains the same ease-of-use, speed and reliability as the first day you logged in.


The Experiture platform allows connections with systems through FTP servers, APIs and Web Services that can retrieve, add, or modify stored data in the Experiture platform.  Whether you are retrieving customer purchases from an ERP or passing marketing performance reports into your BI environment, Experiture provides enterprise-class connectivity suitable for enterprises that demand the most flexibility.